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Calling on your personal input to help us understand how we can build the tools you need.

  • What type of organisation are you involved with? And how many volunteers are there?
  • What's your story? Why do you volunteer?
  • How do you communicate with other volunteers?
  • What’s something you do day to day where you think “Why is there not a solution for this!”?
  • Where is a lot of time currently wasted in Volunteer management?
  • What responsibility should the Volunteer have instead of your coordinator?
  • Do you receive volunteer awards? How are you appreciated?
  • If a service existed to significantly help organisations, how much should this cost per month?
  • What solution do you have for training (software, lessons, materials etc)?
  • How comfortable would you be with using technology?
  • Imagine anything is possible, what would make your life as a volunteer better?
  • Would you like to stay in the loop?